When a ravine strikes a Stronghold

Posted on July 14 2011 (03:00 PM EDT)

Notch recently published a photo to his Google+ account showing what happens when two new features collide in 1.8. The image shows a ravine colliding with an NPC strong hold somewhere underground. He’s been very vague on details, but it appears the ravine is on the left while the Stronghold would be on the bottom-right of the image.

Building off of a few things Jeb said in IRC about 12 new textures, it appears this image not only shows the two new terrain features, but also may be depicting a couple of new blocks & textures as well. Outlined in this image, you can see what appears to be mossy sandstone, elongated sandstone bricks and perhaps even chains. Now obviously, this is all pure speculation, but there’s no doubt these are three entirely new textures/blocks that have not been announced as of yet.

In other news, Notch also announced that the multi-player server window will function similarly to the single player interface allowing you to save multiple server addresses without having to retype the address each time you change servers.

1.8 seems to be fleshing out relatively quickly, which should increase pressure on Claybrook to ramp up it’s public works projects. It is imperative that we have the national railway established before the patch.