Multiplayer commands outlined

Posted on March 25 2011 (07:00 PM EDT)

With the recent influx of players joining the Tecella minecraft server, I felt it was time to take a moment and outline all the publicly available commands.   Previously we had relied on a word-of-mouth system, but we’ve been growing at a rate that just does not make that  a feasible option anymore.

If you click on the Minecraft button at the top of the page, or, click on “Minecraft” in the news drop-down option from the home page, you’ll notice a new “Commands” link in the Minecraft menu bar.   This page maintains the list of all non-moderator commands available on the server.   As more kits or abilities are added to the universe, this page will be updated as needed.

So, without further ado, click here to go directly to the commands page.

Command Example Usage Details
/afk /afk Marks your character as Away From the Keyboard in the player list. Use /afk again to remove the flag.
/back /back Whenever you have the unfortunate experience of dieing, you can use the /back command to immediately teleport your character back to the last known safe spot before you died. This is useful for collecting your dropped items, however, it is not 100% safe and may sometimes kill you again.
/compass /compass Gives you the direction your character is currently facing as well as the degree. Useful when exploring or trying to find your way back home.
/home /home Immediately teleports the player to the location which has been deemed as their home. To set your home location, use the /sethome command in any location in the world.
/kit /kit glowstone Since the Nether is unavailable on multiplayer servers, we’ve enabled a glowstone kit which gives the player 10 Glowstone blocks on a 10 second cool down. Since this items is highly useful in building, it’s been enabled as a cheat for all users to enjoy.
  /kit tools This command has a 5 minute cooldown and should only be used in dire situations. When executed, it gives the player a Stone pick, axe and shovel along with a single loaf of bread. The purpose of this command is to help a lost miner out of a bad situation by providing emergency utilities.
/list /list Shows a list of all players currently connected to the server. Away players will be displayed with an [AFK] tag before their names.
/me /me is scared Produce custom emote text in the chat interface. Useful for… I don’t know… being fruity at Viran’s house or something.
/msg /msg teco34 Hello world Sends a private message that is only visible to the specified player. Appears in the chat interface as:
[Me->Teco34] Hello world
/sethome /sethome This marks the current player’s location as their home. Used in combination with /home, this allows each player to have their own private warp location
/tpa /tpa teco34 cella912 Teleports the first player to the location of the second player. The second player will be prompted with text allowing them to accept or deny the teleportation request.
/warp /warp kenlercastle Immediately warps the player to the selected warp. Warps can only be added or removed by moderators but all players are allowed to use the warp command. To get a listing of all available warps just type /warp without any following location and the list will be displayed on screen. To have a warp added for you, simply ask a moderator.